Ordering & Delivery

The guide on ordering & delivery.
There are various ways to place an order:

- Order Directly at our shop, with free Wi-Fi and seats.
- Order through Deliveroo / FoodPanda, if you located in the delivery area
- Pre-order at 3705-9201 to avoid the line at our shop.

Or you may place an order through our website.
Same price as in store menu. Both pickup & delivery available.

Order Timing
- Pickup: Pre-order from 3 hours - 7 days in advance accepted.
- Delivery: Pre-order from 1-7 days in advance accepted.

If you are pre-ordering for later events, especially party or conference, we suggest to order directly through our website.
Below guideline is only applicable to the ordering on our website.


*Note: Minimum order value of $100 apply to website order. Placing small orders by alternative ways above are probably more suitable and handy.

1. Hover to fruitstop.cloudwaitress.com by clicking the "Order Now" button / "Order Online" in the navigation bar to place an order.

2. Add the items to the cart. For most items you can choose to add toppings. Some options are required.

3. Choose whether you will pickup the items at our store / have the items delivered, also the desired time before checkout.

Pickup & Delivery
- Pickup: Please pickup the items at the designated time.
- Delivery: The items should deliver to you by the time you choose: 14:00 / 16:00 / 18:00 / 20:00. While we try to make sure the products delivered on time, the actual time depends on the weather / traffic condition. If you wish to deliver at other time slots, please contact us in advance. 

4. Fill out the required information on the checkout page and pay.

- Bank Transfer / Payme / FPS (We will contact you for payment later)
- Visa / MasterCard / AMEX

5. You will receive a confirmation email once the order placed.

Delivery Conditions

1. We deliver to Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories address. Remote / restricted areas excepted.

2. Delivery fee schedule:
Hong Kong - $80
Kowloon - $120
New Territories - $180
Please refer to the ordering site for detailed information.

3. Free delivery for orders over $1000


1. Smoothie / Blended Juice / Juice Mixed with Dairy
Please consume on the same day of delivery / pickup.

2. Cold Pressed Juice
Please consume within 2 days from the delivery.
Store at 0-4°C (your fridge) before consuming.

Once opened, finish within 30 mins to ensure the freshness.

Volume Discount

We offer 10% discount for orders over $1200, placed 1 days in advance.
Better price negotiable for even bigger orders.

Please contact us / Whatsapp +852 9543-9308 for further information.

We will contact you if there is any problem with the order.
The decision of Fruit Stop shall be final.